Systems Engineer

Work Type: Contract


  • Determines the specific requirements and objectives of the project. This includes identifying the project stakeholders, data to be managed, and the desired workflows and processes. Create a new project within the web based platform. This involves specifying the project name, description, and other relevant details. You may need administrative privileges or contact the software support team to set up the project initially. Design and configure the data structures within web based tool that will be used to store project information. This typically involves creating entities (such as documents, stakeholders, tasks, etc.) and defining the attributes and relationships for each entity.
  • Customizes the forms and views to match the specific needs of the project. This includes designing user interfaces for data entry, creating lists and reports, and configuring visibility and access controls based on user roles and permissions.
  • Defines the workflows and processes that govern how data is managed and how tasks are performed within the project. This may involve configuring status transitions, approvals, notifications, and other workflow-related features. Import existing project data into the tool, if applicable. This may involve importing data from spreadsheets, databases, or other sources. Alternatively, you can manually enter the project data direct.
  • Configures user access and permissions to control who can view, edit, and manage project information. Define user roles and assign appropriate permissions to ensure data security and privacy. Test the environment you have built to ensure that it meets the project requirements. Make any necessary adjustments or improvements based on feedback from project stakeholders or end-users.
  • Provides training and support to project team members and stakeholders who will be using the tool. Familiarize them with the platform's features and functionalities and educate them on how to effectively use and navigate the environment. Once the environment has been thoroughly tested and users are trained, deploy the environment for use in the project. Monitor its usage, gather feedback, and make ongoing refinements as needed.
  • Continues supporting the project team by generating the deliverables under Systems Engineering
  • scopes at each phase as per customer requirement to meet the timeline till the total handover of the project to the client.


  • Minimum Degree in Engineering
  • 2-3 years’ experience related experience
  • Knowledge in EPC projects for O&G, Offshore Renewables & system
  • Proficient in MS office applications
  • Dynamic, self-motivated, proactive and results oriented

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